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Olecranon Bursitis

This is a fluid-filled sack in the back of the elbow prominence, which acts as a cushion.

The bursa can swell and become painful. The causes are:

Usually painless, however if painful, then medical attention should be sought. Depending on the symptoms and signs, investigations might be needed. These include blood tests for infection and inflammatory diseases and an x-ray to exclude bone involvement in the infection process (osteomyelitis).

Mild inflammation can be treated conservatively by keeping the elbow straight, cold compressions and a course of anti-inflammatory. In mild infection, aspiration with antibiotic cover might be needed.

Surgery might be needed:

Treatment of Elbow Pain and Olecranon Bursitis by Hull elbow surgeon, Mr Jacob Der Tavitain. Please complete our contact form or call Mr Der Tavitain's private secretary on 01482 672417 to arrange an appointment.